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Remove all cards from the pyramid before your deck is empty or you run out of time.
Your task is to help main character build up his farm.
Aim and shoot hunters moving around the board
Making computer games is more than just work. It is our passion, that lets us combine software engineering, graphics, physics, mathematics and much more. All this to reach one goal: creating something that people will like, providing entertainment and getting satisfaction from our work. We do what we like – we create computer games!
If you want your company, service or product to be effectively noticed on the internet, just create an online game that will attract clients to your brand name!
What kinds of games do your clients play most? Reach your specific target group by publishing your advertisement on a game website or integrating it right into the game itself.
The more complex games sometimes require extra server-side solutions, databases etc. Our specialists will choose the optimal technologies to fit your needs!
We run many game portals, which are a great platform for distribution of games and advertisements. This way you can reach a wide range of potential customers.
We love challenges and our clients can always count on us. If the solution that you need is unusual and nobody wants to set out to work on it, please, feel welcome to contact us!
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